Guy Gowan is heading back down under!

Guy Gowan is bringing his fantastic Seminars back down under in November and December 2011 !

What’s in the Seminars?

Guy will be presenting a great range of Seminars on the follwing topics: 


The digital cameras of today are technically amazing but there are limitations. Instead of trying to ‘Retouch’ these characteristics out of images on a ‘One by One’ basis – Why not process them out with an action and droplet combination.  The processes included are: Range, Moire, Shadow Cast and Noise. If these characteristics are not dealt with before ‘Processing’ their presence within the image is magnified.  Each image has a perceived difference to the next but in reality all images are the same – They are just a bunch of pixels. Some things such as camera artifacts can be corrected on mass. 

In this seminar you will learn how to perform each of the steps individually and then put them together to create automation by creating and ‘Action’ and then a ‘Droplet’ 

Process Workflow Seminar

 By attending Guy Gowan’s Process Workflow you will learn how to see past the tools and menus within Adobe Photoshop.  Guy will demonstrate his technique which enables you to adjust and edit images including raw files with speed and accuracy. Guy’s workflow will save you minutes, hours, days or even weeks of your life from the mindless repetition of the conventional post production manipulation process. 

Creative Retouching Seminar

 Join Guy as he shows you how to move beyond Adobe Photoshop. In this seminar Guy will deliver an understanding of how you can radically improve everything you do with Photoshop. Most importantly he will teach you how to retouch in a truly intuitive, creative manner. 

Wedding Workflow

Guy teaches you how to use his Ultimate Wedding Workflow to create stunning signature Wedding Albums in a fraction of the time. Increase your productivity, improve quality and reduce your costs! You will learn how to produce fantastic albums for your clients, quickly but with style and creativity. Develop your own signature Album templates using Guy’s guide to currently available software. 


When and Where?

Pre Process Half Day Sydney 23/11/2011
Process Workflow Full Day Sydney 24/11/2011
Creative Retouching Full Day Sydney 25/11/2011
Wedding Workflow Half Day Sydney 25/11/2011
Pre Process Half Day Hobart 27/11/2011
Process Workflow Full Day Hobart 27/11/2011
Creative Retouching Full Day Hobart 28/11/2011
Pre Process Half Day Perth 30/11/2011
Process Workflow Full Day Perth 30/11/2011
Creative Retouching Full Day Perth 01/12/2011
Wedding Workflow Half Day Perth 02/12/2011


For full Dates, times, locations, cost and to RSVP please visit


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