Can I design my album in other programs and still order through Jorgensen?

We quite often get asked by our clients if it is possible to design their album in photoshop or other software and still order through Jorgensen.
The answer is Yes and No. Just to confuse you all!

Matted Albums

All matted albums have to be designed and ordered in JAD.

Digital Albums

Digital albums (e.g. Pro Collection E Album and Komplet Collection Digital Albums) can be designed in software outside of JAD, however, you will need to import the images into JAD prior to ordering.

Confused?! Let me explain with a few simple step by step instructions:

1. Design all your digital magazine style pages in Photoshop or other design software.

TIP: Make sure the image/canvas size is the same as the album size you would like to order!

2. Ensure you export all your page designs as flattened sRGB jpegs @ 300dpi.

TIP: Export double page spreads to save time when importing in JAD

3. Open up JAD and select the basics for your album order, e.g. size and pages numbers

4. Once the album is open, go to IMAGE at the top menu then select ADD IMAGES from the drop down menu

5. Import all your page designs into JAD.

6. Simply drag and drop all your page designs onto the pages!

TIP: If you drag and drop an image onto a digital style page and it doesn’t fill the page simply right click with your mouse on the image and select ‘Fill Mat’!

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