Our Five Favourite JAD Tips!

OK, now you have the basics of JAD sorted, we have listed our five favourite JAD time saving tips below!

1. Sort your images before you start designing…

By sorting all your images before you start your project you can save lots of time trying to find images in the album design process!

We like Pre Ceremony / Ceremony / Location / Reception to sort all wedding images.

You can then create Image Categories in JAD to save the different images under the different categories.  Simply click IMAGE from the top toolbar and select ADD IMAGE CATEGORY from the drop down menu.

Image categories

The image categories will then appear on the bottom right hand corner of your screen next to the Photo Previews.  Once you have created the Image Category simply add images to each category!

Image categories _step 2

2. Full page image? Simply right click…

This one is super simple but such a goodie!

To add a full page digital spread to your Album, simply drag and drop the image onto the page then right click on the image and select FILL MAT. Voila, full page spread !

Fill Mat _Step 1

3. Have you cleared the cache file to speed up JAD?

This  is a great habit to get into and can speed up JAD. By cleaning up the cache it cleans up all the image thumbnails saved from your recent album orders.  Don’t worry though, you wont lose your album files, exported images or originals!

Simply click on FILE on the top toll bar and select IMAGE CACHE MANAGEMENT from the drop down menu.  Select CLEANUP CACHE.

cache management _step 1



4. Add your mats to ‘Favourites’ and save time!

Have a few favourite mats you use again and again for every album?  Make sure you save them to your favourites folder so you can use them again and again, a great time saver! These will be then be available for every album (provided it is the same size album).  You have two options to save them to fabourites as follows:

1. Save the mat from the mainscreen by simply selecting MAT from the top toolbar and selecting ADD MAT TO FAVOURITES from the dropdown menu.

Add mat to favourites_step 1

2. Save the mat from the Custom Mad Editor Scree n by simply selecting ADD MAT TO FAVOURITES from the right hand side of the screen

Add mat to favourites_step 2



5. How to create a double page panoramic spread!

Double page spreads can create gorgeous panoramic images, so make sure you get them right the first time.

To create a double page spread in JAD, click the TOP drown menu on the left hand side of the screen under MAT SELECTION.  Select PANORAMIC 2.

Create panorama mat_step 1


Once you have done this simply drag and drop the panoramic mat template on to your double page spread!

TIP: If you design/edit your page designs in photoshop or Indesign before importing into JAD, please ensure you create a full double page spread for any panoramic designs.  For example, a 12×12″ Album double page spread would need to be created as a 24″ x 12″ file size in Adobe.



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