It’s time for a JAD Update!

It’s time for a JAD Update!

Noticed anything different when you last opened JAD? Well we have made a couple of fabulous updates to make your life easier!




You can now check out a preview of your embossed cover in both ALBUM VIEW or LEAF VIEW!


JAD has a new feature to help you design your albums easier and quicker, simply follow the steps below:

1. In the Custom Mat Editor, create your new design.

Group and Centre 11

2. Space and align the images according to your preference.  JAD can evenly space them on the page using the ALIGNMENT tools on the left hand toolbar.  Alternatively, you can space them according to the grid. See example below of evenly spaced and aligned images.

Group and Centre 12

3. To centre the group of images on your page, select GROUP AND CENTRE from the left hand tool bar. JAD will select all images and centre them on the page.

Group and Centre 13

Hint: did you know you can show the photos in the mat editor?  Tick the box – “Show Photos”.

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